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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Goal of this Project?

The goal is to increase awareness and transparency of  museum-based programs and events for visitors with autism spectrum disorder. 

By sharing this information in a centralized place, I hope that museum professionals and families with members with autism can  benefit by having a better understanding of the state of the field. 

 Initially, this site was created with a listing of museum based autism programs found during a comprehensive internet search, state by state, in later 2016. It has since grown with additions from museum professionals who contribute new events and programs. 

Coming soon will be an Accessibility score style comparison feature of museum programs, to improve searchability .

I know my museum offers an Event. Why don't you have it listed?

There are a few reasons information may be missing from this website:


1. Many programs and events are not listed on museum websites or on stable links.

2. As one person, it is difficult to frequently check every museum calendar across the USA for new programs and events. 


This is why it is so important to get input from you!

Please                                with any information about museum offerings.

Does offering pre-visit materials for visitor with autism
count as a program or event?

 Offering pre-visit materials is a great thing for museums to do for all visitors.

But does that service qualify as a program or event for the purposes of my listing?


These materials ( like a social narrative or sensory map) are a great resource for visitors, but alone do not count as a program or event.  

However, I am working on a clear way to highlight museums which offer these kinds of resources as well as those with more substantial programs. 

What counts as a museum?

The American Alliance of Museums welcomes a broad range of institutions into the category of museum. This may include historic houses, zoos and aquaria, as well as art, history, science, and children's museums.

Why do you list old programs and events?

Knowing that a museum used to host a program or event can be helpful to other museums trying to start one, and can be helpful to families who are looking for places to take their kids.  A past program or event shows that people in the museum have been trying to be more inclusive. If a local community has a need for a museum-based program or event, knowing which museums have experience can assist with getting funding and starting such a program up again. 

Who started this website?

This website was started by a graduate student from the University of Washington's Museology program. 

Check out the contact and research page to learn more. 

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