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Recharging at FIT

A friend was visiting and we needed to kill time before they had to catch a bus. First they suggested shopping and then I suggested going to a museum nearby. We were so glad we did!

The FIT Minimalism: Maximalism exhibit was excellent.

After a minute searching my bag for my museum id in an attempt to get a discounted entrance fee, we were calmly ushered in for free.


The museum was small, but packed with a great exhibit. There was even an activity by the entrance and some video screens that seemed to provide more in depth information about the pieces.

I really liked the hushed feeling that settled on visitors as they politely walked behind those taking pictures and whispered to friends in quiet voices. The next time I am in the area and seeking quiet refinement, this will be the place I’ll go!

John Falk came up with different Museum Visitor types based on their motivations for going to a museum. Read more about that here. These include: The Explorer, the Facilitator, the Proffessional/Hobbyist, and the Recharger. This museum would be perfect for Rechargers or for Professional Hobbyists.

My favorite pieces were these shoes which combined technology and fashion and an Airmail dress!

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